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Multipie digest: Curated highlights for you

Holaa Multipiers!👋

In this edition of Multipie Adda, we share highlights from Multipie platform. If you aren’t on Multipie yet, do join us on the app here. Let’s get going and know what’s buzzing on Multipie lately🤩

What’s new on Multipie? A lot!


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A lot has been happening in markets. Here’s quick catchup on the same:

👉Indian Pharmaceutical companies focused on domestic markets performing decently whereas the ones focusing on US generics are struggling! 💊

Click here to know why is this exactly happening & what’s the future outlook📊

👉TajGVK hotels look good on a technical as well as fundamental basis. Here’s our community expert explaining what augurs well for the company💰

👉The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) approved Bima sugam last week🎯

This will lead to a one-stop solution & lead to more transparency in the industry. Want to know how will it work? Tap here. 

👉Check out the multiple growth levers in VIP Industries. Also, to understand how mindset is changing in the overall luggage industry, click here🧳

👉Did you know Ads are coming soon on Netflix? This is will help the company to introduce low-priced plans. Here’s what Netflix has proposed for the same🙌


👉Here’s the Mutual Fund wise AUM, break-up, and growth data of the last 6 months (March 22 and Sep 22) & key observations from the same🏁

Also, tap here to know which mutual fund has been consistently outperforming in all the time periods💯

👉Phonepe eyeing for IPO. Read more on which new segment this fintech is planning to expand in📍

👉Prevention is better than cure– Be it in life, the economy, or in markets!! Read here why there’s a need for all of us to be cautious at this very moment👀

👉You must have heard of seasonality in businesses, but ever heard of seasonality in markets? I bet you would have not! 😅

Don’t worry, we have got you😎 Here’s another expert explaining why investing more in Q4 helps in generating higher returns compared to other quarters🚀

👉Oil prices are back in the news as OPEC has decided to decrease oil production. Click here for a simplified explainer covering how this affects investors & growth concerns🎗️ 


Markets can be stressful. So we got some fun memes on Multipie for you🤩 

Ever thought of how would the CV of a long-term investor look like? 👉 Here’s how! 😛

The reason you should check Multipie every day:

A good way to understand the past is by reading books, but we don’t always get time for that right? 

👉We have a solution for you. Follow our community members- Hiren Thakkar and Ankit Kanodia, who share snippets of the most insightful books out there on investing & business. 

Well,  Multipie community is learning and growing by reading these book snippets. You also wanna stay ahead of the curve? Join the community😎

That’s all for this week.

So join us on Multipie if you haven’t yet by downloading the app by clicking here – for ios, android & web.

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